Student Initiatives in Advisory
Student Initiatives in Advisory

Middle School makes an impact

Our Middle School Advisory program is a central part of the student experience during the middle years at ASP. In addition to reviewing and discussing current events, and exploring a social curriculum dealing with emotional processing, friendship, and global citizenship, students address what it means to be a force for positive change and organize different initiatives in their advisory groups to make the world a better place.

Each Advisory develops a impactful group project based on their interests, from collecting bottle caps for appropriate disposal, to working on emotional expression and strategies for conflict resolution. This is is just a small sampling of the great work that our Middle School advisories accomplish together throughout the year!

In the Millette Advisory, students are working to reduce the number of single-use plastic materials on campus by researching, sourcing, and selling reusable water bottles. The students research the role of single-use plastics in environmental degradation, and calculate how many single-use water bottles ASP can prevent from going to landfills by switching to reusable water bottles.

Quick Advisory 2019–20

The Quick Advisory looked beyond campus in the wake of massive fires in the Amazon and Australia, and decided to raise money to plant trees. They found TeamTrees, an organization started in October of 2019, dedicated to fighting deforestation. In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, TeamTrees aimed to plant over 20,000,000 trees. Our students organized a raffle of American candy to raise money, and they were able to sponsor the 132 trees to help with the reforestation effort.

Quick Advisory Certificate

The Bui Advisory focused on issues of social justice, with a focus on racial equality. Their project built on an existing fundraiser for the NAACP, and took the students through a series of important steps, from researching current events and data, to planning communications, and organizing the sale of the t-shirts across the school. They presented their project in the PAC to the entire Middle School, and t-shirt sales have kicked off across Grades 6, 7, and 8.

Bui Advisory

With plenty of enthusiasm and drive to share, our Middle School Advisory classes will continue to champion causes that spark their curiosity as they strive to make a positive change in the world. At ASP, we know that "no one is too small to make a difference" and our Middle School students learn the power of working together with each project they complete in their Advisory. Stay tuned for more great work from our students!