Speaker Series: Brad Aaron Modlin
Speaker Series: Brad Aaron Modlin

A poet and professor wows students

Brad Aaron Modlin visited ASP last Friday to treat our students to the next installment in the ASP Speaker Series.

Brad Aaron on stage

Brad Aaron is the current Reynolds Endowed Chair of Creative Writing at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and his trip to ASP was sponsored by our parent community.

He began his visit with a poetry reading for our Upper School students at their morning assembly, before joining our Grade 8 English classes during the day.

Brad Aaron in class

Brad Aaron sat down (literally!) with the class as a whole and in small groups to work on their memoir projects.

Classroom work

The workshop focused on communication and expression of the thesis in a memoir, and students eagerly shared their stories with him. Brad Aaron helped students practice sharing 80% of their thesis with their reader, and using language and description to invite the reader to construct the remaining 20% for themselves.

Grade 8 English

In speaking to the whole Middle School in an assembly after lunch, Brad Aaron read poems about school and about dealing with being alone, and finished the assembly with a short story about climate change, relationships, and what really matters in life.

You can read more about Brad Aaron Modlin here. Stay tuned for the next installment in our Speaker Series!