Grade 12 Outdoor Learning
Grade 12 Outdoor Learning
IB Biology creates mesocosms

Outdoor learning, beautiful weather, and an expansive national park: a recipe for a perfect day!

This week, our Grade 12 IB Biology students ventured into the nearby Parc de Saint-Cloud in search of natural materials in order to create mesocosms.

Foraging for biotic and abiotic materials Gathering supplies!

Mesocosms are enclosed, self-sustaining ecosystems, and each student made one using found items, selecting from both biotic and abiotic materials foraged within the Parc.

Digging for mesocosm materials

This project is one of the IB Biology practicals, a series of experiments that take place throughout the year where students can demonstrate their learning.

Creating in IB Biology IB Biology builders at work!

Their mesocosms must be kept alive, and unopened, for a minimum of three months. Despite this challenge, students from previous IB Biology courses have managed to keep theirs alive for years!

The beautiful mesocosms!