Poetry By Heart Competition Winners
Poetry By Heart Competition Winners

Finalists from ASP!

We are pleased to report some exciting news from our Middle School! Each year, ASP participates in Poetry By Heart, a poetry recital competition hosted by ELSA, the English Language School Alliance in France.

After competitions within ASP to see who would compete, our students joined 22 schools for the recitation competition on March 16.

The finalists representing ASP were Chiara N. from Grade 6 with Emily Brontë's Spellbound, Gabriella I.-F. from Grade 7 reciting Not My Best Side by U.A. Fanthorpe, and Sophia W. from Grade 8 performing The Tyger, by William Blake, and representing Extension for the first time, Zoe Z., who recited The Language of Cat by Rachel Rooney.

Our Grade 6 students, commenting on their experience preparing for the competition, said:

"I learned that when you memorize a poem, you somehow become a poet yourself."

When speaking about the competition, one student said that, "it is a great way to promote the endless possibilities of poetry. Poetry can touch anyone's soul and make a person feel something different. I loved everything about this project."

After the different rounds of recitations, Chaira finished in 3rd place overall with Spellbound by Emile Brontë.

You can watch Chiara, Gabriella, Sophia, and Zoe's performances.

Thank you to all of the students who participated, to our teachers who prepared them, and our excellent judges! We will see you next year!