Parent French Classes at ASP
Parent French Classes at ASP

La rentrée is for everyone!

You can go back to school at ASP with parent French classes, now offered at the beginner and intermediate level.

French at ASP is designed to help you express yourself and navigate day to day life in France. Practice, fun, and confidence are key and with ASP, you can learn French both in the classroom and on excursions around the region.

The class takes a deep dive into five key themes: French cuisine, Paris and her monuments, the arts, French music, and the French way of living. For aspiring Francophiles, this class is for you!

French Class Castle

With 30 lessons from September through June, each two-hour session focuses on a mix of grammar, vocabulary, and practice for real-life situations. Between 4 and 5 outings are interspersed throughout the year, where you can explore cultural sites and practice your French with your fellow ASP parents.

French Class on Bikes

French Class Lunch

Last year, the French class visited a local market and the Orsay Museum, went to a yoga session in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, as well as a visit to the castle of Versailles and a bike tour of the famous gardens. To sign up, please email Michèle Calon in Extension.


French Picnic

Tuition for the whole year is 1,395 euro + 35 euro for books.

We hope you join us for your own 'rentrée scolaire' this September!

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