Inspiration Project Showcase
Inspiration Project Showcase

The Lower School's festival of learning

Learning in the Lower School is driven by a curiosity about the world, and this enthusiasm for learning spills beyond the classroom into all parts of our students' lives. At ASP, we take a tailored approach to homework and home learning. All students in Grades K5–5 read for an age-appropriate amount of time each night, and students who need additional support in other curricular areas receive personalized assignments that help them practice key skills at home.

The indoor garden group Learning to draw with YouTube

In addition to reading and individualized practice, our students in Grades 2–5 work on Inspiration Projects throughout the year. These projects are entirely student-centered, and each child chooses their preferred subject of study or area of interest, the pace of the assignment, and the way they want to present their learning to the community.

The Effects of Global Warming on Animals Zero Waste Snack Group

This style of home learning keeps student voice, choice, and agency at the forefront of learning, and promotes an intrinsic love of learning and internal motivation. The Inspiration Projects allows students to develop their talents and interests outside of school, and lets them document and demonstrate their learning in a non-traditional way.

Light-up Math Game Soccer Quiz!

With four Inspiration Project showcases per year, students have several opportunities to develop a project and celebrate their learning with the community. This showcase included dozens of projects, including participation from one of our Grade 1 students who asked to share his project on circuits and motors.

Cool Machine, a series circuit project Pythagoras' 'Greedy Cup'

Other topics included 3D printing, drawing, zero-waste alternatives at snack time, electric math games that light up when you get the correct answer, a demonstration of the Pythagoras cup, and explanations of cultural traditions from around the world.

Congratulations to all our Lower School scholars! We can't wait until the next Inspiration Project Showcase.