Oliver and Lina Gee visit ASP
Oliver and Lina Gee visit ASP

A beloved local author-illustrator duo

We were delighted to welcome Oliver and Lina Gee to the Lower School for a wonderful visit! The couple, based in Paris, has recently published two delightful children's books, Kylie the Crocodile in Paris, and Roger the Liger in Paris.

Lina Gee

These books were inspired during the couple's quarantine, and by interviews done on their podcast, The Earful Tower, during which Oliver learned of a crocodile that had been released into the canals of Paris.

Oliver Gee with Grade 4
During this full day of activities, the second and third grade worked with Lina making illustrations, and the fourth and fifth grade were with Oliver talking more about creating the text for a story and the overall production of a book. Oliver even shared a clever 'easter egg' inside of Kylie the Crocodile in Paris, which foreshadowed Roger's arrival!

Lina Gee with Grade 3

The day concluded with a parent reception in our Lower School Library.

Oliver in the Library

Thank you to Oliver and Lina for sharing their beautiful books with our community!