Studying WWI with Grade 8
Studying WWI with Grade 8

An inter-disciplinary journey

Each year, our Grade 8 students study World War I in their French and Social Studies courses. From researching individual soldiers using digitized copies of primary source materials including military documents, death certificates, and letters, to writing trench poetry akin to that written by soldiers commemorating the Great War, our students learn about World War I through an interdisciplinary lens.

Grade 8 students

Beyond the different project-based learning opportunities and presentations, our students also have the opportunity to go and see the sites of many great battles on the Western Front.

Mr. Hall presents to Grade 8

Each year, our students spend two days in Verdun. They deepen their understanding of World War I history by visiting Fort de Douaumont, Ossuaire et Necropole de Fleury, the village of Fleury, the trenches at Saint-Mihel, and les Eparges - sights that remind us of the human sacrifice of the War.

Grade 8 on a visit

While their learning in the classroom pushes them beyond what is simply shared in a history book, the experience of walking upon these sites of great historical importance is unlike any other learning opportunity!

In the trenches with Grade 8