'Le Depot Ventre'
'Le Depot Ventre'

Art, fashion, and science combine in Grade 6

Science in the Middle School is known for its experiments, unique displays of student work, and real-life projects like vaccine delivery planning. This year, Grade 6 took interactive and larger-than-life displays of student learning to the next level.

Grade 6 Masks

From giant masks at the beginning of the year, to a superhero-themed periodic table of elements, interactive bug habitats using green-screen technology, and sculptures of different human organs, Ms. Lovett and Mr. Evan's students have gone beyond the classroom to share their learning with the community.

Periodic Table of Elements

The most recent interdisciplinary efforts, combining the hard facts of human biology with savvy research skills, art, and design, have culminated in their final project Le Dépôt Ventre.

Named with a play on the French le dépôt-vente, consignment shops where high-fashion and vintage clothing hang side by side, this project allowed students to express their creativity, and combine digital technology with tangible ways of showing their knowledge about human anatomy.

Le Depot Ventre

Students worked in small groups on one of the 11 human organ systems, which began with research. This was followed by creating life-size organ models and experimenting using lab activities of their own design. Finally, the students brought in old items of clothing and transformed them into "wearable science": educational art illustrating their system.

Le Depot Ventre

A mask and t-shirt became the canvas for the digestive system. The brain was painted onto a bandana that was fashionably paired with the matching nervous system dress! A detailed painting of the heart, veins, and arteries turned a sweatshirt into a representation of the circulatory system.

The brain! The circulatory system

As their fashion pieces evolved, the students created an augmented reality experience so that anyone who saw the clothing and flashed the QR code on the accompanying "price tag" could learn what they need to do to keep this system healthy and functioning properly.

The Heart!