La Rentrée est Arrivée!
La Rentrée est Arrivée!

Welcome back to ASP!

We're delighted to welcome our students back on campus, and we already have a fantastic first week of teaching and learning under our belts. This year, we were joined by over 200 new students across our Lower, Middle, and Upper School divisions. The year kicked off for these students late last week, as we gave them a warm, ASP welcome during the New Family Orientation days. They met their fellow students (and future friends!) in our Middle and Upper School student ambassadors, got to know some of our faculty, toured the campus, and, for our younger learners, met their homeroom teachers in Lower School.

Some of our Middle School students shared their thoughts on the first few days with us:

""This place is much smaller than my old school and I think I am going to like it more because it feels more like a family."

""Everyone is so nice...I had no idea how to read my schedule or where my classes were, but people helped me so I was able to get through."

Now with one week behind us, we are overjoyed to have our community back together, making new friends, meeting new teachers, and settling into routines.

This year is sure to be a delight, so please check back often (or follow us on social media!) to see what our students are up to at ASP!