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Introducing the Possibility Lab
Introducing the Possibility Lab

Where 'thinkering' happens!

Introducing the "Possibility Lab", recently named by our very own students, where 'thinkering' happens! ASP is proud to present our newly re-designed Lower School space, where you will find creativity taking different forms every day.

Instructional Technology Coach, Ms. Dunn, works with students each day to integrate technology into their learning. At ASP, no student is too young to start learning about 3D printing or coding!

Possibility Lab

From engineering with boxes and building animal habitats, to creating 3D-printed replicas of buildings discovered by Grade 5 students in their ancient history unit, the Possibility Lab allows our students to leverage technology to expand the scope of their learning.

The Lab even includes a Lego wall where, recently, each class worked together to create a graph showing which continents our Lower School students are from.

Lego wall

Each class participated in two additional data visualization activities. First, they worked together to create a weaving, each by adding a particular color of yarn that corresponded to the number of languages they speak. As these students worked on this project, a picture of our multilingual student body emerged!

Weaving project

Then, each student added a nail to a plank of wood split into four quadrants and designed to show how they got to school that morning.

Transportation projectTransportation project

Be on the lookout for more stories on how creativity comes to life in the Possibility Lab!