Inclusive Curriculum with the OECD
Inclusive Curriculum with the OECD
ASP's own Mike Kopp speaks

The OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 project "aims to build a common understanding of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values students need in the 21st century. The learning and teaching frameworks are co-created by policy makers, researchers, school leaders, teachers and students from around the world." Phase II of this important, international initiative focuses on questions that have been top of mind for our ASP educators in recent years, "What are the teacher profiles/competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes and values) needed to help students learn and improve their well-being?"

At ASP, we've answered this question in a myriad of ways, including developing a more inclusive curriculum that not only examines students' own realities and lived experiences but also prepares them to investigate and understand the experiences of others.

As part of this project, the OECD launched a report on "Adapting Curriculum to Bridge Equity Gaps: Towards an Inclusive Curriculum" during a conference in mid-May, at which notable scholars like Andreas Schleicher spoke with educators, government administrators, and school networks from around the world. ASP's own Mike Kopp, the Head of our Upper School Social Studies Department and our Accreditation Coordinator, was invited to speak on a panel with Mr. Schleicher, a student from the University of Lille, and the Minister of Education of Estonia, the host country for this event.

Following on as a natural extension of our accreditation process, Mr. Kopp has been working with Justin Kearns, Marine Galvez, and a dedicated team of faculty mentors in developing a comprehensive advisory program for Upper School students, one which seeks to offer students the chance to engage in important conversations across differences in order to build equity, consciousness, and compassion.

After first contacting ASP through the Upper School Director Aaron Hubbard, the OECD was particularly interested to hear about this program and other innovative practices at ASP. Our commitment to inclusive curriculum, and our exploration of equity and inclusion in the classroom as a specific goal in our review and curriculum development, is perfectly aligned with the OECD's Education and Skills 2030 project.

Report Launch Panel

We heartily encourage you to watch the "Report Launch - Panel Session" (Mr. Kopp's portion begins around minute 41!) and join us in congratulating Mr. Kopp for his excellent representation of ASP to the OECD, and his continued support of our diversity and inclusion initiatives both on and off-campus.