Living History with Grade 4
Living History with Grade 4

Social Studies comes to life!

In social studies, our Grade 4 students have been studying economics, automation, and famous inventions and inventors from the past, as well as the American Revolution. Learning about the ways that history echoes in our everyday lives, and how it can help us understand the problems we face today, are a core part of the Grade 4 program. Students examine and learn from the past and develop their own creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving for their success in the future. Along the way, they take part in fascinating (and fun!) learning experiences.

One such activity was a field trip around the 16th arrondissement, where students learned about the statues of Americans that are dotted all over the neighborhood.

Grade 4 Inquiry

One group took a scavenger hunt using a map and compass to navigate the neighborhood, finding statues and monuments, before using an inquiry protocol to learn about the statues. Students used the, "I see, I think, I wonder" framework to examine the primary sources as they worked to interpret the meaning of different statues.

Grade 4 Inquiry in Action!

As part of this inquiry, they engaged further in critical literacy work, and noticed how all of the statues were of white men, and wealthy ones at that! They are now working to analyze the story of the American Revolution and think about whose stories are told, who is remembered, who is made into heroes, and who isn't--and why.

Answering questions in front of a statue

The opportunity to explore the neighborhood and provoke their own thoughts, questions, and ideas, is an inspiring start to their learning about the American Revolution for the next few weeks.

In another unit, the students researched and debate how automation impacts communities around the world (including one big question, "Should we tax robots?"). As the unit came to a close, some of our students used their learning to explain how inventions progress over time, and the impact that different inventions had on people of the past, and on life today. The students also learned about the process of becoming inventors themselves! This project culminated in an Invention Convention, where the students share their research projects on both inventions and inventors, or their own creations, with the ASP community.

Eve's Vegetable Washer

This year, students presented their projects to faculty and staff in order to respect health and safety guidelines.

Researchers, or students who studied a famous inventor, Creators, students who came up with their own inventions, and Time Tracers, the students who researched how one invention changed over time, shared their projects in the Lower School Possibility Lab.

Take a look at some of the awesome projects below, and click the "i" in the bottom right-hand corner to see our students' thoughts on their projects!

Great job, Grade 4!