Creators of All Ages at ASP
Creators of All Ages at ASP

The Invention Convention and Maker Day

Our campus is buzzing with creativity––from students sculpting in stone on the patio, to large-scale printmaking in the hallways, to the hum of our pottery wheels in the Arts Link, there are 'classic' examples of artistic talent everywhere that you look.

Creativity takes many forms at ASP, and our students across all divisions learn to follow what sparks their curiosity and to dig deep into each one of their projects. For the past several weeks, our Grade 4 students have prepared for their Invention Convention as part of their reading units on non-fiction, and learning about how to research to learn new information.

Kevlar poster Piano poster

They worked on synthesizing their understanding of the research process, how to find a trustworthy source, and how to share information with their readers into a final project. They learned how to take their research and use it to create posters, reports, essays, models, and speeches.

Perry Spencer, inventor of the microwave J. Robert Oppenheimer, inventor of the atom bomb

Several notable inventor profiled by our Grade 4 researchers include George W. Gale Ferris Jr., inventor of the Ferris Wheel, and Thomas Edison, inventor of the Kinetoscope/Motion Camera and Light Bulb, and Nancy Johnson, inventor of the hand-crank ice cream machine.

Igor Sikorsky, inventor of the helicopter Nancy Johnson, inventor of the hand crank ice cream machine

Part of this project allowed them to create their own invention by researching a problem, instead of an inventor, and to develop a solution. They presented models of their problem-solving inventions like "Easy Dish," a device with gloves attached to keep your hands and the floor from getting wet while doing dishes, or "PAWsitively Clean," a device that cleans dogs' paws after they get muddy outdoors.

The next day, 12 ASP families joined in our first Family Maker Day, a celebration of creativity and invention in the Nolop Tech Shop. Families gathered with recycled materials to imagine, plan, and create a miniature golf course.

Planning the golf course Planning process Family Maker Day participants

From a Disney-themed golf courses to volcanos and water features, our families an awesome time showing their creativity, working together to execute their designs, and solving the tricky challenges that came up during construction. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Volcano golf Mini golf

Mini golf with Moana Mini golf