Career Day with Middle School
Career Day with Middle School

Exploring next steps!

Blazers, ties, and button-downs at the ready! Our Middle School students enjoyed the 2020 Career Day, when ASP welcomed over a dozen members of our wider community to campus to share their careers and life experience with our students.

This event is an essential offering for our Middle School students to allow them to consider how their interests can become full-fledged careers and to think about different educational paths they may have never considered.

ASP welcomed numerous professionals: a photojournalist, a social worker, an international educator, a soldier, a software manager, a policy advisor, a diplomat, an aviation specialist, a software engineer, a research technician, a Disney technology specialist, an export salesman, a human resource manager, a scientist, and an energy expert.

The Career Day kicked off with a keynote message from Gabriella I-F, a Grade 6 student, and Betty Trummel, an international educator. Gabriella shared her hopes for the day, and encouraged her fellow students to enjoy the feeling of exploring new possibilities.

Student keynote address

She hoped that she and her fellow students would come away from the day feeling inspired to try new things, to explore different paths, and to hear ideas for their future that they may not have considered.

Then, Ms. Trummel addressed the Middle School. An educator from the United States as well as a lifelong learner, Ms. Trummel shared her career journey with our students, a path that is as studded with adventure as it is with international science awards and accolades.

Betty Trumel speaking at ASP

Far from a typical career, Ms. Trummel's adventures have taken her to Antarctica, Sweden, Italy, Zambia, and all around the world with her fellow science educators. She stressed the importance of continuing to look for opportunities to learn, no matter where life takes you, and to never underestimate the incredible things that you can accomplish.

Students in the aviation session Betty Trumel Students learning about software management

As the students rotated between their first, second, and third sections, the halls were filled with questions and exclamations about the presenters. Thank you to all of the parents, community members, faculty, and staff who helped make this amazing experience possible for our students!

Disney technology session Students learning about exports Students learning about Mr. Waters' experience in the army