ASP Student Internships
ASP Student Internships

Summer with Louis Vuitton, Pixium, and Schneider

This summer, eight Upper School students took on exciting internships in various fields, ranging from high-level fashion to medical technology. Six students were welcomed to several Parisian retail locations by the internationally-renowned brand, Louis Vuitton. One Grade 11 student gained experience in renewable energies and engineering with Schneider Electric in Grenoble. Finally, another junior was introduced to medical research with Pixium technologies in Paris.

These internships were facilitated thanks to the efforts of amazing community mentors, made all the more exceptional by the challenges faced by all in 2020. We will continue to expand these offerings in the coming year!

Louis Vuitton, offered through the generosity of Anthony L., CEO and ASP Parent

Students were selected through an application process, and were exposed to all aspects of the luxury retail industry.

Keller V. (Grade 12) reports, "I spent two weeks in the Champs-Élysées store and it was an absolute pleasure. I got to meet so many people and it truly was an amazing experience. I learned so much and everyone around me was so positive and reassuring."

Cairo P. (Grade 12) shares, "The internship was such a unique experience and exceeded my expectations. As well, everyone at the store was so kind and friendly, and willing to answer any questions we had, or to teach us about anything we wanted to learn about, from haute joaillerie to crocodile bags."

Finally, Andry R. (Grade 12) recounted his experience with great enthusiasm: "The Louis Vuitton internship was amazing! It covered all aspects of the retail industry which helped me to understand how everything works. Furthermore, being on the "other side" as a seller rather than a buyer was enriching. The different teams were all very nice and fun to work with; they gave me responsibilities which made me feel like I was contributing to the effort."

Students Cairo P. and Ella T. at the Place Vendome store

Cairo and Ella

Cairo and Ella in the Place Vendome Louis Vuitton store

Full Louis Vuitton cohort:

Grade 12: Andry R., Cairo P., Ella T. Valentine F. Keller V.

Grade 11: Imran E-S.

Schneider Electric, offered through the generosity of Engineer and ASP Parent, Mike D.

Andres B. (Grade 11) spent a week in Grenoble working in renewable engineering and electric vehicles. He speaks of his experience in a note of thanks to the company:

"After my internship at Schneider Electric, I can confidently say it was a fantastic experience. Not only were the members of the EV team welcoming, they were enthusiastic and willing to take valuable time out of their day to talk to me about their jobs and answer questions. The week was also very well planned out. I learned much about working as an engineer in a large company and about the different jobs open to engineers, whether they be more technical or not.

Thank you for providing such an amazing opportunity, and I hope that the patent work I did was of some help to the team as well."

Pixium Vision, offered through the generosity of CEO and ASP parent, Lloyd D.

Elena P. (Grade 11) spent two weeks working in medical technology, helping with clinical trials for the exciting innovations at Pixium, where the mission is to restore sight to the blind through cerebral stimulation.

Elena speaks about her work:

"The internship was great, I worked with a field engineer named Giulia as a mentor to help me with tasks and guide me in the right direction. I worked on a survey that the company designed and helped to classify responses, then helped create a new survey. It was so amazing to be put into a real life STEM field job and I'm so thankful for this opportunity!"

Thanks to all of those who made an enormous effort to mentor our students. We are very interested in expanding these opportunities. Please do not hesitate to contact our Assistant Upper School Director, Brian Brazeau if you have any questions or would like to propose an opportunity for our young people.