A Virtual Vernissage
A Virtual Vernissage

The culmination of IB Virtual Arts

Our IB Visual Arts seniors have completed their culminating portfolios after two years of IB Visual Arts at ASP. These eight students were gearing up for their artistic debut in March when campus was closed by the French government's response to COVID-19. Their exposition, or vernissage, is an essential part of the IB Visual Arts course, so instead of letting this event go the way of other important cancellations like the Met Gala or the Trooping of the Color, we created a virtual vernissage to celebrate our students' hard work!

The students work is carefully curated and exposed on our IB Visual Arts Virtual Exhibition page. Your visit begins with a note from Ms. Enard, our IB Visual Arts (IBVA) teacher, who explains the aims of the IBVA program and the work that students have done to prepare for, create, and curate their portfolios. Then, you will be able to see one highlighted piece from each student, which functions as a portal to their entire collection. Within the collection, you will see each of the students' works, their overarching curatorial rationale, and the background on each piece as it is presented.

As a sneak peek, we'd like to share two works from our IBVA seniors.

I-Robot, by Matteo

Acacia wood

IB Visual Arts by Matteo - I-Robot (profile) IB Visual Arts by Matteo - I-Robot, front facing IB Visual Arts by Matteo - I-Robot, side profile 2

In Matteo's own words, "This sculpture was made from a log found in the woods. It provided the opportunity of woodworking using only manual tools (gauges, etc). A quote by Hawking about how artificial intelligence is destined to overthrow human intelligence provided the inspiration: this is represented by the figure of a meditating robot that already has a conscience. The title refers to the well-known movie based on Isaac Asimov's short-story collection Hardwired, about a robot gaining consciousness."

8- Gritos por la Igualdad by Marta

Oil paint & Posca felt-tip on canvas

IB Visual Arts Gritos por la Igualdad by Marta IB Visual Arts Gritos por la Igualdad by Marta, whole view

Pablo Picasso denounced his outrage towards the devastating Spanish Civil War through Guernica. Art is such a powerful medium for transmitting messages and trying to illuminate a larger body of people to fight for justice. This is an adaptation of the crying woman in Guernica, however she is not crying because of the war; she is showing her outrage towards the unequal treatment of women in today's society: "Human rights are women's rights too."

We hope you enjoy the IB Visual Arts seniors virtual vernissage!