5,500 Cans for RdC!
5,500 Cans for RdC!

Our school-wide can drive concludes

Students all across ASP got into the holiday spirit this month by working together to collect 5,500 cans! When our community set the goal of 5,000 cans to benefit the Saint-Cloud branch of the Restaurants du Coeur, students and teachers integrated this project into curriculum, special assignments, design, and community celebrations.

Can packing for delivery

With over 3,000 cans donated by the Middle School, including over 600 cans from one advisory of 14 students, our students worked hard to meet the needs of the Restaurants du Coeur depot in Saint-Cloud.

Packing the cans for delivery

Although the can drive officially ended on 5,377 cans, students were so inspired that they brought in another 123 cans on Thursday, the final day of the term.

At an all-school rally to celebrate the end of the drive, our students had a dance-off, sang the Restaurants du Coeur theme song, and presented a giant check for the cans to three representatives from the Restaurants du Coeur.

Lower School Middle School Dance Off Upper School teachers dance off!

Each representative spoke to students about how, without ASP, they would be forced to close during the winter season due to a lack of donations. The 5,500 cans collected by our students will allow them to continue feeding nearly 500 families in Saint-Cloud, Garches, and surrounding communities.

Michel of the Saint-Cloud branch speaks

We want to say a HUGE thank you to all of the students, families, faculty, and staff who donated cans. You have made a huge, positive difference in our local community!

Our Service Learning Coordinators and the representatives of the Restaurants du Coeur in Saint-Cloud