3D Modeling with Upper School
3D Modeling with Upper School

It's time to code

Earlier this month, our Upper School 3D Modeling class designed and 3D printed these clocks using code. They translated and transformed simple shapes into these complex patterns using BlocksCAD.

Upper School 3D printed clocks

Diving into the creative use of the 'basics' of code, they used loops, variables, and if statements to arrange the numbers and ticks around the clock's faces.

Clocks with unique shapes and designs

When designing the bodies of the clocks, they subtracted out other shapes to produce negative space, and used their knowledge of geometry to align the triangles, squares and other polygons in creating the edges of the clocks.

Using geometry to make unique shapes

Finally, they digitally rendered the 3D models, sliced them for the 3D printers, and used the Ultimaker 3s with dual extrusion in our Nolop Tech Shop to print them with two colors of PLA filament.

3D printed clocks

Our Upper School students hope you enjoy their work and, with the rapid pace of technological change, find it timely.

All of the beautiful Upper School clocks!