2020 AP and IB Results
2020 AP and IB Results

ASP students' hard work pays off

We are very pleased to report 2020 results for our students taking International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement examinations. Students around the world faced unprecedented challenges around testing due to global COVID-19 restrictions, and we are very proud of the determination showed by our Upper School students.

ASP 2020 International Baccalaureate Diploma Results

Compared to 2019 (the last year for which IB data is available) our students performed tremendously, and their scores are all the more impressive under the difficult circumstances.

For 2020, the ASP average IB Diploma score was 34 out of 45, compared to the world average of 30. Similarly, 97% of ASP students earned their IB Diploma, compared to a world average of 78%.

Of these students, 79% earned a score of 30 or higher, with 35% scoring between 30–34, 29% scoring between 35–39, and 15% of our IB Diploma candidates earning a score of 40 or higher.

This year, 41% of our diploma candidates earned their IB Bilingual Diploma, nearly double the world average (24%).

Advanced Placement Test Results at ASP for 2020

Not to be outdone, 119 ASP students sat for 253 AP exams, up from 104 students and 221 exams at ASP in 2019. From the 2020 cohort, 88% of our students scored a 3 out of 5 or higher on their exams (compared to the world average of 60%) and the average score received at ASP was 3.7, compared to the world average of 2.9.

Of these 119 students, 48% earned a 5 on at least one of their exams. We are especially pleased to report that while the number of students taking AP exams has increased by 37% since 2016, our percentage of students earning a 3 or higher has remained the same, a testament to the rigorous preparation of an ASP education!

Of the 119 students who took AP exams, 12 students were named AP Scholars, 20 students were named AP Scholars with Distinction, and 10 students earned the AP International Diploma.

Congratulations to all of our intrepid IB and AP students, we are very proud of your hard work and your Rebel spirit in the face of an unprecedented exam season!