American School of Paris - Campus Security

Campus Security

Peaceful, Safe, and Secure

Located in suburban Saint-Cloud, ASP is committed to safety and security, ensuring a peaceful green campus as a place to learn. Our expansive school grounds are equipped with open indoor and outdoor spaces for young people to enjoy, explore, and learn within. At the same time, not unlike all of France, our vigilance remains constant. The campus is at the highest security posture in accordance with our protocols, which reinforces our school as a peaceful, safe, and secure place to learn.

Security Measures

  • Our campus is private, access-controlled, fully-enclosed, and staffed with a round-the-clock security presence.
  • We actively maintain constant and real-time contact with leading surveillance and security experts including the local police, the police prefecture in Paris, and Embassy diplomatic experts.
  • Our recent infrastructure security project features a major investment for the acquisition and integration of the latest technology in alarm and CCTV systems and access-control hardware and software.
  • A fully-tested school-wide communications information system has been developed to transmit security updates at any time to all families, faculty, and staff.

It is important to ensure stability in each ASP child’s day-to-day school life – because we know that in the midst of the unexpected, it is essential to offer the predictable and the familiar. Above all else, the American School of Paris is committed to ensuring a peaceful green campus as a place to learn, assuring each child’s safety, security, and well-being.