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ASP believes in the power of effective communication and provides several helpful resources that cover a broad spectrum of information.

90-Seconds from the Head of School

American School of Paris - Mark Ulfers 90-Seconds from the Head of SchoolHead of School Mark E. Ulfers regularly sends messages to the community as a means of personally connecting with ASP families. 90 Seconds - The Time it Takes to Stay Informed provides Mark's insights on new developments, events and school-wide news.

Mark's Coffee and Conversation

All parents are encouraged to attend these monthly sessions, hosted by our Head of School, where discussion will focus on top-of-mind school issues. Dates will be announced in the division newsletters.

Annual Report 2016

The ASPect News Magazine

Each issue of the ASPect magazine highlights ways that we are “living our mission” at ASP, and relates stories of our students, teachers & staff, parents and alumni who are making it all happen. Click on the images below to access recent issues.

Orientation 2016

Orientation 2015

fall 2015

graduation 2016

ASP Community Corner e-Newsletter

Our monthly e-newsletter is a forward-looking publication. It provides information on all upcoming events and opportunities for ASP families to take part in our many community activities. Community Corner covers all aspects of life at ASP including: community events, athletic activities, art performances, parent workshops and more - ensuring our families have all the information they need to make the most of their experience at ASP.

Community Corner e-Newsletter

Division Newsletters

Every Wednesday, each division sends out a newsletter to keep parents up to date on weekly classroom activities and general academic and division information.

Excellence Fund In Action

Alma Matters Alumni Newsletter

Even after they move on, we like to keep in touch with our ASP students, families, faculty and staff. This quarterly e-newsletter helps keep alumni updated on school events and news of interest.


Headline News is updated on an ongoing basis and reflects the many vibrant, diverse and engaging activities taking place at our school. It's a slice of life at ASP! Check below for all the latest!

Headline News


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