ASP's Strategic Plan

ASP is a mission-driven school. On June 8, 2011, the ASP board of trustees approved the new organizational beliefs, mission, parameters, school improvement objectives and strategies. Decision-making for student learning is based on the mission and our annual implementation of action plans, aligned with strategies and improvement objectives.

Our Mission

Our declaration of ASP’s unique identity to which we aspire–describing whom we serve, our specific purpose– what we will achieve with our students– and the means by which we will achieve our purpose. Our mission describes the extraordinary purpose of our school– and it serves as our target toward which we concentrate disciplined action, effort, resources and energy.  

    The American School of Paris is a vibrant, international, family-oriented community.   Our mission is to inspire and prepare every student to achieve personal and academic excellence as an engaged global citizen by providing a challenging, innovative program within a compassionate environment.

Our Beliefs

Our fundamental values or ethical code that establish our moral and ethical priorities, our bedrock convictions, which serve to guide all American School of Paris activities.

We Believe That:

  • Every person has equal worth.
  • Honesty and integrity are central to all we do.
  • Individuals are responsible for their choices and actions.
  • We best meet the needs of learners when we understand them as individuals.
  • Through hard work and determination individuals can achieve their potential.
  • Every member of a community has the responsibility to contribute to the greater good.
  • Seeking to understand diverse cultures, ideas and practices enriches a community.
  • A culture of high expectations and striving for excellence leads to higher achievement.
  • Learning is a continuous lifelong endeavor.
  • Great schools nurture passion, curiosity, creativity, self-expression and joy.
  • Going beyond the familiar and taking risks stimulate growth, innovation and self-discovery.
  • In a rapidly changing world, achieving excellence demands commitment to continuous improvement.
  • Everyone shares responsibility for our global community and environment.


Boundaries within which ASP will accomplish its mission. Parameters describe self-imposed limitations that sharpen our focus on accomplishing the intent of our mission. 

  • The best interests of our students and their diverse needs will always be at the center of our decision-making.
  • We will always provide a safe, supportive, and healthy environment conducive to learning and wellness.
  • We will always provide a broad, balanced, high-quality educational program.
  • No existing program will be maintained unless it makes an optimal contribution to the mission and the benefits exceed the costs.
  • No new program or service will be accepted unless it is consistent with the strategic plan, the benefits justify the cost, and provisions are made for professional development and program evaluation.
  • We will always address behavior that demeans or is disrespectful to any individual or group.
  • We will actively encourage family involvement in the life of the school.

Putting the Plan into Action


Our commitment to achieve specific, measurable, observable, or demonstrable results that exceed ASP’s present capability. Our objectives are practical and specific manifestations of the mission and represent the highest priority results we must achieve to improve the school and best meet the intent of our mission. Objectives are goals with school-wide implications for change.

  • Each student will set and achieve challenging educational goals related to academics, aspirations and personal interests.
  • All students will meet or exceed appropriate performance standards and proficiency levels in English and French, and we will increase the percentage of students learning additional languages.
  • Every student will understand and consistently demonstrate the character attributes to be a contributing global citizen and responsible leader.
  • All students will demonstrate increasing proficiency in such interdisciplinary skills as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, digital literacy and creativity.


ASP’s bold resolutions that dedicate resources and energies toward creating systems, or the means to achieve the objectives and be true to the intent of our mission. The objectives are the “what”, and the strategies are the “how.” 

  • We will develop, implement and communicate rigorous, relevant, assessed PK-12 curriculum, specifically designed to achieve academic excellence and aligned to our mission and objectives.
  • We will fully exploit the benefits of technology to best achieve our mission and objectives.
  • We will develop and implement long-term plans to secure our finances, facilities and campus necessary to fulfill our mission.
  • We will develop, implement and assess an expanded French and additional language-learning programs.
  • We will develop and support faculty, administration and staff to continuously improve professional performance and maximize student learning.
  • We will design a system to support students in setting and achieving educational goals related to academics, aspirations, and personal interests.
  • We will identify, model, reinforce and recognize the attributes and skills that enable every student to be a contributing global citizen and responsible leader. 

Members of the Current Strategic Planning Team:

Students: Stephano Battiato, Michael Carden, Bérangère Judis, Namanh Kapur, Sabrine Keane, Tim Plump, 
Parents and Alumni: Nasreen Badruddin, Omnia Nour, Natalie Nowiski, Carol Olsen, Theresa Schott
Board of Trustees: Giovanna Monnas, Jude Smith, 
Faculty and Staff: Mario Chioini, Elvi Keulen, Carleen Helaili, Gillian Lynch, Agnès Poudou, Joseph Scanlon, Troy Titterington, Tim Trainor, Craig Vezina
Administration: Renée Bélec, Michele Calon, Margaret Coleman, Kathy Miner, Brenda Heussaff, Aaron Hubbard, Larry Love, Lara Tilley, Mark Ulfers

  • Outward Bound
  • CIS
  • IB
  • College board
  • ACT
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