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All students personally and academically engaged

Our school’s mission is to inspire and prepare every student to achieve personal and academic excellence as an engaged global citizen by providing a challenging, innovative program within a compassionate environment.  Recognizing that every child can learn, that the needs of learners are best met when we understand their learning styles and needs, and in order to help fulfill our mission, ASP provides learning support services. 

Who is ASP Learning Support Services designed to serve?

ASP is a Grade K-12 college preparatory program that can serve students with a diversity of documented mild learning differences through its Learning Support Services Program.  The program is designed to support Grade K-12 Students in need so that they can be successful in our mainstream classrooms.

What services do we provide?

Learning disabilities are specific impairments that impact information acquisition, processing, comprehension, organization, memory recall or use.   The ASP program can best be described as offering “mild support”.

Our Learning Support Services Program is provided by trained professionals and utilizes a variety of intervention models such as pullout individual and small group instruction, specially designed instruction or in-class assistance and instructional accommodations within the regular classroom in conjunction with classroom teachers.

Areas targeted in specialized instructional settings include, but are not limited to: reading, writing, mathematics, core-content instruction, time-management, organization, study skills and learning strategies.

ASP is not able to serve students with moderate or severe disabilities (having significant developmental delays) or students with significant conduct, communicative or emotional difficulties. 

Where are learning support services offered?

Each ASP division –Lower, Middle and Upper School-has a purpose specific learning space for its staff in which to offer individual and small group support. In certain instances, the learning support will be offered in-class, in conjunction with the classroom teacher.

How is eligibility for learning support at ASP determined?

A team of professionals within each school division makes the decision as to whether a student is eligible to participate in Learning Support Program. Assessments and comprehensive psycho-educational documentation conducted by outside professionals are necessary for informed decision-making. Typical assessments include cognitive and academic evaluations.

When does an ASP student move out of the Learning Support Services Program?

Appointments with counselors are held on an ongoing basis with intensity decreasing as students become more independent with their learning.   The appropriate division team monitors a student’s transitioning out of the Learning Support Services Program.  Students who exit the program have demonstrated the ability to achieve their personal and academic goals independently by using compensatory strategies learned in the program. 

Are therapies and other resources available?

ASP facilitates targeted therapeutic interventions on site, including speech and language therapy, and occupational therapy (note that in some cases, outside resources may be off site).  We consider such interventions as fundamental within a balanced program by outside specialists for students who require such support.  We can also provide referrals to professionals in the Paris area.

Learning Support Services Snapshot

For more information on Learning Support Services at ASP, please see our Learning Support Services Program Snapshot or contact the Learning Support Specialists in your division.






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